Sneakpreview of our new Mega Guard Electric technology demonstrator with hybrid Electric propulsion

Published on 25 January 2021

We had some delay because of COVID-19 travel restriction but here she is our brand-new Explorer yacht “Mega Guard Electric” featuring Praxis Automation Technology latest products for integrated automation and navigation as well as Electric propulsion.


  • Electric Steerable POD propulsion 2x 200kW
  • Electric Energy Storage System 3x 80kWh
  • 2x 200kW variable speed gensets
  • Permanent magnet motors
  • DC Bus power distribution
  • AFE/VFD High Power Inverters
  • Propulsion & steering control system
  • Energy management system
  • Vessel management system
  • Integrated navigation system
  • Dynamic positioning system



This condensed video is just a sneak preview. Standby for more posts in which we will zoom-in on the Praxis installed Products in this 18-meter Technology Demonstrator yacht with state of the art “Green Technology” electric propulsion.

Please note that all products have been designed and produced in-house at Praxis Automation in the Netherlands. Our extremely hard working and devoted team of design and application engineers were able to realize the products and systems installed on this technology demonstrator yacht in just 3 years. It just proves what innovation power is available within our Company. Not for nothing that we say  – Innovation is in our DNA.