GreenBattery Container

GreenBattery Container


Mega-Guard GreenBattery Container is an advanced electric energy storage system (EES) to be placed on board of ships. It can serve as a replacement of a diesel generator in applications requiring additional or redundant power (e.g. on DP2 vessels) during certain operations. In addition, it can be used for emission free sailing on electric propelled ships.

A GreenBattery Container follows the class rules as required for a battery room on board of ships. So it includes fire detection and extinguishing, fire blocking, air conditioning etc.

GreenBattery Container is basically available in two versions:

  • GreenBattery Container AC: 
    With 3 phase 690VAC or 440VAC connection and acting as a generator of up to 1MW during discharge mode. Up to 2 MWh storage can be provided in a standard 20ft container. 
  • GreenBattery Container DC: 
    With 960VDC and up to 1250A charging / discharging current. Up to 2.4MWh storage can be provided in a standard 20ft container.

GreenBattery Container AC is divided in two separate compartments: battery compartment and an AC compartment.

The battery compartment (AC and DC version) is filled with GreenRacks with up to 8 GreenBatteries each. Battery strings with 10 Greenbatteries are wired to a GreenBMS which is installed at the bottom of a GreenRack. GreenBatteries can be installed and/or exchanged making use of the middle section of the container.

The AC compartment (AC version only) contains a GreenInverter with a L-C-Transformer combination to form a grid of 690VAC or 440VAC.

The container is cooled or heated via a chilled or heated water connection on the outside of the container. Temperature regulation is built-in the container to an ambient temperature of 22°C. Optionally, an externally mounted air to water heatpump can be supplied as a source of the chilled and heated water connection.


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