Mega-Guard GreenBattery forms the heart of an electric energy storage (EES) system  for marine environment. Sailing and silent running becomes a reality with GreenBatteries. The Mega-Guard electric energy storage system consists of the following main components:

  • GreenBattery
  • GreenBMS
  • GreenRack

Energy storage systems in between 40kWh and 20MWh can be built with Mega-Guard EES.

Two versions are available: 

  • GreenBattery with 10kWh storage,  96VDC nominal voltage and a maximum charge and discharge rate of 1C
  • GreenBattery-3C with 12kWh storage, 96VDC nominal voltage and a maximum charge and discharge rate of 3C

The Mega-Guard electric energy storage system is designed to be be compatible with all other Mega-Guard products so that complete electric propulsion and automation packages can be supplied within the Mega-Guard product range.




GreenBattery makes use of the extremely safe LiFePO4 (or LFP) chemistry. Safety can be compared with traditional lead acid batteries and are much safer than Li-ion NMC technology. GreenBattery is one of the lightest batteries available for marine energy storage and occupying minimum floor space.

GreenBatteries are wired in series to form a battery string with a maximum DC Bus voltage of 960VDC (10x GreenBattery). GreenBatteries are normally placed in GreenRacks and these are placed inside an air-conditioned battery room. In between GreenBatteries ventilation space is provided for natural ventilation and cooling against the environment in the battery room.
GreenBattery-3C is supplied with water cooling connections. GreenBattery fulfils the latest class requirements and includes an exhaust valve with a safety release for venting to outside environment.









Each battery string is wired to a GreenBMS and includes DC Bus fuses, DC Bus contactors with pre-charge and a DC Bus common mode filter. The GreenBMS also accurately measures and calculates the state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) of the battery string. The BMS monitors and protects each individual GreenBattery and communicates to an external GreenEMS energy management system through ethernet communication lines. 



GreenBatteries and GreenBMS are placed in a GreenRack. The rack makes it possible to exchange a GreenBattery or a GreenBMS by sliding out and in. Racks are supplied in 6 different heights; from 4 to 9  GreenBatteries and 2 different sizes: one for a standard GreenBattery and one for a GreenBattery-3C. At the bottom of a GreenRack either a GreenBMS or a blind plate is placed. GreenRacks need to be accessible from the front only and can be placed against a bulkhead or sidewall.





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