High Power Inverter

High Power Inverter



The Mega-Guard High Power Inverter (HPI) is an  advanced and compact inverter system covering the following drive applications:


  • Electric Propulsion Motor drive from DC bus
  • DC bus Generator drive to DC bus
  • AC grid generation from DC bus
  • Shore power to DC bus conversion
  • DC/DC conversion


The Mega-Guard HPI’s consume or supply power from/to  the Electric Energy Storgare as well. A single Mega-Guard High Power Inverter is able  to control up to 450kW at a DC bus voltage of 960VDC. Multiple HPI's can be put in parallel in order to increase power up to 2,2MW

The Mega-Guard High Power Inverter has the following unique features:

  • able to handle DC bus voltages up to 960VDC nominal
  • highest power to weight and volume ratio
  • built-in DC bus contactor and Safe Torque Off
  • built-in touchscreen Operator Panel
  • built-in emergency stop switch
  • large cable glands supporting long cable distance
  • designed for marine environment


High Power Inverter

The Mega-Guard High Power Inverter is built-up with two independent controllers and an independent safety system.  The 1700V IGBT's are controlled by a dedicated digital  signal processor for four quadrant motor and generator control. In addition, a Control Processor is built-in with  four Ethernet ports for programming PLC functions in accordance with IEC61131 standard. The 5” touchscreen 
Operator Panel is connected as well to the Control Processor. Most relevant parameters such as power, current and voltage are continuously displayed on the touchscreen. The HPI includes independent safety systems such as Safe Torque Off on AC side and DC bus contactor on DC side. The contactor also supports pre-charging and discharging in order to safely connect and disconnect the HPI from DC bus.

The High Power Inverter is water/glycol cooled and has a IP67 rating. External magnetics are added to the High Power Inverter for following applications:

  • DC/DC conversion
  • AC grid generation




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